Denis Dailleux

Fils de roi, portraits d'Égypte

Fils de roi, portraits d'Égypte

The combined observations of a photographer and writer offer a passionate and contemporary alternative to the otherwise recurrent cultural and tourist clichés encumbering the uniqueness of a country. A series of low-key pictures, in which nothing is haphazard, accompanied by a preface written in a poetic and engaged register reveal the stance of an exemplary dignity. That of Egypt. Practicing an apparently calm and incredibly demanding photography permeated by perpetual doubt, Denis Dailleux fashions, over a period of fifteen years, an exclusive portrait of Egypt with which he has an impassioned relationship with. His passion for people has naturally prompted him to choose portraiture as a means of choice to represent those he had a desire to approach and embody as more than they reveal."

Text by: Alain Blottière

Publisher: Gallimard (2008) 80 pages Size: 25 X 25 cm ISBN :2070123146

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