Denis Dailleux


  1. Egypt, Mother and Son

    The work of Denis Dailleux, who has been living in Cairo for the past nine years, is a lasting tribute to the generosity of the Eg…

  2. Egypt

    Between Denis Dailleux and Cairo, it is a true love story : on one side, an insatiable fascination for this unique place, its mood…

  3. Ghana

    I first discovered Ghana when I came across the beautiful book Paul Strand dedicated to this country. It made such an incredible i…

  4. Persan-Beaumont

    Work on childhood carried out in the city "The Village" in Persan (France), from 1987 to 1992.

  5. Egypt, Cairo

  6. My aunt Juliette

    In Denis Dailleux's childhood village lived an old woman and a true character: his great-aunt Juliette. The unique bond between t…

  7. People from my village

  8. Portraits

  9. The martyrs of the revolution

    A tribute to the victims of the Egyptian revolution in an attempt to make sense of the current upheaval. Through his photographs,…

  10. Les conducteurs de tuk-tuk du Caire